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The two models available, Liberty6 and Liberty8, the numbers refer to the size of the four wheels, 6" or 8" diameter. The advantage of the 6" wheel model is that the overall height is less and the total weight is 0.5kg less. The advantage of the 8" wheel model is that it is easier to manoeuvre and push over rougher surfaces. If weight is an issue and you intend to mainly use the rollator indoors or around a shopping centre the Liberty6 may be the answer. If you intend to take the rollator along streets and through parks the Liberty8 maybe a better solution. Which you choose will depend on the daily places you intend to take your Liberty rollator. The Liberty rollators fold quickly and easily into a compact unit for storage or transportation. The Liberty comes standard with a vinyl pouch under the seat that is great for carrying items, and unlike metal carry baskets do not rattle. If you have fatigue or strength issues and want a stylish walking aid, the ability to sit anywhere anytime, or just a smoother ride then a Liberty rollator from Invacare may be your best option.


Aluminium Hand Reachers

Available in two sizes: 66cm or 82cm

  • Lightweight anodised aluminum with plastic handle and jaw
  • Trigger action for hard to reach items
  • Magnet on top to pick up light metal objects






    Tens Machine

    The ultimate solution for pain management – Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator. Dual channel, adjustable pulse, amplitude rate with 3 modes – burst, conventional and modulation. Comes with Gel and Carbon (Rubber) Electrodes in a convenient carry case.


    XPO2 Portable Concentrator

    The new XPO2 Portable Concentrator is the newest addition to Invacare's proven line of home oxygen technologies.

    Now funders and patients have a choice of ambulatory systems from Invacare, the world leader in oxygen. Named for its extreme portability, the XPO2 is lightweight, clinically robust, and easy to operate. The supplemental battery and AC or DC power options make it easy for patients to go just about anywhere without the concern of running out of oxygen.

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