Invacare History

The Invacare name

The Invacare name combines three important features of Invacare's can-do personality:


VAlue and health



Invacare Colors

The Invacare logo appears in white on a strongly contrasting blue field, displaying strength and determination with a sense of well-being and calm.  The white logotype is straightforward and honest, conveying clarity of purpose.  Blue is a cool color which implies truth, responsibility and trust.


Invacare Logo

The Invacare logo combines the equity of the name with a pair of arcs that express vitality, energy, and an encompassing embrace.  These elements are contained in an elliptical medallion that signifies excellence and accomplishment.


Invacare Tagline

"Yes, you can." conveys the promise of Invacare's brand to support consumers, providers, health care professionals and associates in accomplishing what is important to them.


Invacare Worldwide Vision

To design, manufacture and deliver the best value in medical products which promote recovery and active lifestyles for people requiring home and other non-acute health care.